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Selecting the Right Fabric for Your Yoga Brand

There are many types of fabrics available for sportswear, and some customers may feel overwhelmed by the variety of materials to choose from.

Today, we will introduce the three main types of fabrics for yoga to help customers make an informed choice. 

  1. Nylon + Spandex: Skin-friendly and comfortable, highly elastic, durable, and excellent at moisture-wicking.

  2. Polyester + Spandex: Yoga polyester fabric offers superior durability, moisture-wicking, and elasticity,

    making it comfortable to wear and easy to care for.

  3. Cotton-feel + Spandex: Cotton-feel fabric (cotton, bamboo, and modal) is soft and comfortable, breathable,

    and combines the tactile feel of cotton with the elasticity and durability of synthetic fibers.


We offer high-quality fabrics, all of which feature high elasticity, comfort, and breathability. 

Their high color fastness and UV protection are highly appreciated by our customers.

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If you are interested, please contact us to request swatches and samples for testing. 

As one of China's leading sportswear manufacturers, Shuyu has 10 years of experience in custom wholesale services, helping 

you expand and enhance your personal sportswear or fashion brand, both online and offline. Contact us to learn more.

That concludes today's sharing. Next time, we will discuss more functional options based on these basic fabric compositions. :)

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